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December 20, 2016

December 20, 2016

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Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Support PERPAMSI in Revolutionizing Clean Water Supply and Management in Indonesia

September 14, 2017

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Front-end Visualization of SuperMap GIS

In big data era, more and more contents and formats in geospatial science. With the development of spatial big data storage, management and analysis, visualization will be the last step for big data applications. Meanwhile, front-end technologies keep iterating, quick transmission for massive to client side is no longer a restriction, allowing users finding patterns in abstract data in a more detailed, more accurate and quicker way.


SuperMap iClient for JavaScript 9D supports 300 million points high efficiency scatter layer (GraphicLayer), GraphicLayer uses Canvas to render dense point dataset, through the density of map, we can easily get geographic distribution and strength of relevant data.




Upgrade on High-efficiency Layer Rendering of SuperMap iClient javaScript 9D(2019)

SuperMap Research Institute adds WebGL rendering mechanism into high-efficiency rendering layer (GraphicLayer), which greatly improves rendering performance. In addition, the version supports any point data with longitude and latitude, like GeoJSON, TopoJSON, chart, it also supports point style changing and interaction operations like attribute filtering and mouse clicking, etc.




Docking with ECharts to Render Million Level Data

In January, 2018, ECharts released version 4.0. The version supports million level data visualization rendering. SuperMap also made improvements, currently, Leaflet, OpenLayers, MapboxGL support ECharts 4.0 rendering.


China hydrographical chart (140 Million Points)


Beijing Road Network Map (20 Million Points)


for Leaflet Sample:


for MapboxGL Sample:

for OpenLayers Sample:

Come and experience more visualization in the following links


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